About Us

Our Mission

We are a team of Nurses and Midwives united by one thing; “our unwavering dedication to building a better nursing experience for you, and also for the love of the nursing and midwifery career!

Using Google for class notes research SUCKS! 

WE DONT, we make it easy like ABC..

Upcoming Projects

The Midwives Revision Website is excited to announce a number of upcoming projects that will help midwives across the country stay up-to-date on their skills and knowledge. These projects include:

  • General exams for the whole country similar to mock exams: These exams will provide midwives with an opportunity to practice for their upcoming licensure exams. They will also help midwives identify any areas where they need additional study.
  • Face-to-face midwifery meet-ups: These meet-ups will provide midwives with a chance to network with other midwives, share ideas, and learn from each other. They will also be a great opportunity for midwives to get support and encouragement from their peers.
  • Building a midwifery hospital solely founded by only midwives: This hospital will provide a safe and supportive environment for women to give birth. It will also be a place where midwives can practice their skills and provide the best possible care to their nation.
  • Hosting midwifery talk shows: These talk shows will feature midwives discussing a variety of topics related to midwifery. They will be a great resource for midwives and the public to learn more about this important profession.

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